To illustrate the power of EMDR, I’d like to disclose my own healing experience. Actually I’ve had a few amazing EMDR experiences, but the most recent feels like the most powerful. Because of childhood mother-daughter dynamics I’ve spent most of my life feeling like what’s inside me is threatening. As a child I sensed that connection was scary for my mother, so I stayed away emotionally. I knew subconsciously that disclosing, sharing myself would frighten my mother. So I hid.

Recently I’ve been feeling 1) that I’ve been “coming into my own” — finding success in love and work, and 2) feeling physically like I’m falling apart! I set out time this morning to become my own client; I put my hands on my body to sense what was going on physically and emotionally. I did not back away from the feeling of anxiety that I felt in my gut/belly. After a while I realized, understood, that what I was fearing was that I would hurt someone by disclosing/sharing myself. I realized that subconsciously I feel that sharing myself would poison my mother/partner/friend/other.

Then the EMDR; I brought up the feeling of being poisonous, bilaterally tapped on my thighs, and KNEW that the truth; that what I have to share, what’s inside me is love, enlightenment, and caring. Not poison! EMDR helped me FEEL the truth and overcome my irrational fear. Wow.