Lyrical Healing is about relaxing into your own magnificence.  It is about the wisdom of the body and the psyche.  It's about honoring and listening. 

Nancy Paul is a Licensed Professional Counselor and energy worker with training in Reiki, EMDR, CranioSacral Therapy, and Zero Balancing. She is a companion on your inner journey, a grounded mystic, an intuitive versed in common sense.  It is her intention to facilitate self-acceptance, improved mood, relief from physical and emotional pain, and a sense of peace.

Nancy came to healing as a second career.  Her first career was that of an artist.  Making art was like meditation for Nancy; a time to commune with the Transcendent.  She basked in the sacred as she drew the seashell or tree or human form.  As a healer, she now basks in the sacred as witnessed in the human psyche.

What you will experience:

  • Relaxation

  • A gentle, non-judgmental, empathic approach that leads to self-compassion

  • Awareness of your own power and wisdom

  • A feeling of energetic balance

  • Sliding scale

Call 708-289-3899 or email and begin your journey to acceptance and healing today. 

Copy of shell-copyfade.gif

We are all like this shell; our shadowy parts enhance our loveliness.

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Dear potential client,

Here are some things that may help you understand what happens in a Lyrical Healing session.

I’m trained in CranioSacral Therapy, Zero Balancing, massage (which includes anatomy and physiology), Reiki, and counseling psychology, and I use my intuition. Intuiting to me means listening deeply and noticing subtleties. Some may call those subtleties “energy.”

I believe that everything is energy; muscles, God, Prana, Chi, sadness, joy, etc., and that everything is interconnected. Emotions can change our biochemistry and even which genes are “switched on” or off. And our biochemistry and genes and physical state can affect our emotions. Thus I attend to your muscles, fascia, the Transcendent, your inner critic, and your Inner Wisdom and to the ways in which they intersect or interact.

I put my hands on clients because 1) it helps me to sense and understand what you are feeling physically and emotionally. 2) You can hopefully sense my neutral, respectful touch and viscerally understand that I am honoring the wisdom of your body and psyche and the Transcendent that informs your body and psyche. I am “listening,” tuning in, attending to you in a way I can’t solely by listening to your words. 3) Since I’m Reiki attuned, I channel “Universal Lifeforce” energy through my hands (as perhaps all of us do). 4) With my hands in contact with your body, I am ready to gently assist the tissue or muscle or joint; to help facilitate whatever change the body/psyche calls for. You and I partner together to find your own highest good for each session.

Lying on a massage table helps you relax and relaxing is conducive to deep work, to accessing the subconscious. Deep work has the most profound impact. Sometimes we access parts of ourselves that we have tried to repress or ignore. Hidden or disowned feelings or urges or parts of ourselves do not fade away; and listening to them, befriending them eases their forcefulness and allows for creativity and change.

My approach is very gentle. CranioSacral Therapy and Client-Centered psychotherapy, my “default modes,” are based on the premise that what you judge won’t budge. I don’t try to fix or change. The body knows, the psyche knows, I merely allow and facilitate.