Lyrical Healing is about relaxing into your own magnificence.  It is about the wisdom of the body and the psyche.  It's about honoring and listening. 

Nancy Paul is a Licensed Professional Counselor and energy worker with training in Reiki, CranioSacral Therapy, and Zero Balancing. She is a companion on your inner journey, a grounded mystic, an intuitive versed in common sense.  It is her intention to facilitate self-acceptance, improved mood, relief from physical and emotional pain, and a sense of peace.

Nancy came to healing as a second career.  Her first career was that of an artist.  Making art was like meditation for Nancy; a time to commune with the Transcendent.  She basked in the sacred as she drew the seashell or tree or human form.  As a healer, she now basks in the sacred as witnessed in the human psyche.

What you will experience:

  • Relaxation
  • A gentle, non-judgmental, empathic approach that leads to self-compassion
  • Awareness of your own power and wisdom
  • A feeling of energetic balance
  • Sliding scale

Call 708-289-3899 or email and begin your journey to acceptance and healing today. 

Copy of shell-copyfade.gif

We are all like this shell; our shadowy parts enhance our loveliness.