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Lyrical Healing is about easing into harmony.  It is about the wisdom of the body.  It's about honoring and listening. 

Nancy Paul is an intuitive healer and board certified bodyworker. Trusting the body's self-healing abilities and each person's inner wisdom, she listens deeply and facilitates physical and emotional harmony.  Nancy customizes treatments to honor each individual, using gentle, relaxing techniques such as CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki, Zero Balancing, and positional release; she believes that bodies and psyches respond well to techniques that facilitate, not force.  She specializes in emotional issues and is currently working towards a master's degree in counseling.  Expect to feel heard, balanced, and aligned.


Nancy Paul is a licensed massage therapist and nationally certified body therapist with training in Reiki, CranioSacral Therapy (think "Care of the Soul Therapy"), Zero Balancing, and other grace-ful modalities.  Nancy integrates her depth of training in various modalities to creatively and gently respond to the individual needs of a client, approaching each person with honor and great esteem.

Reiki  is a gentle, hands-on art that helps you feel better and heal better.  Dr. Usui, a Japanese educator, re-discovered this healing method in his study of ancient Tibetan texts.  The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words; Rei, which means spirit of divine, and Ki, which means life force energy.  Reiki blends easily with and enhances all healing methods.  The Reiki practitioner channels healing energy for physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle bodywork technique in which the therapist "blends" with the client to ease restrictions and balance energy.  It is called CranioSacral Therapy because it treats the central nervous system which extends from the cranium (the brain and skull) to the sacrum (tail bone).  The central nervous system affects the whole body; optimizing it can impact the body in amazing and sometimes surprising ways.

Zero Balancing is "holistic" because it deals with energy and energy fields directly, as well as with body structure.  The balancing processes often release stress before it becomes physically manifested.  Likewise, they release old or outmoded tissue-held patterns and imprints, supporting change and growth in an organic, integrated way.  While Zero Balancing looks at symptoms, it moves beyond them to address our more fundamental nature.  After a session, the vibrations of stresses pass through the body more easily, making difficult situations less problematic.