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"Nancy is an amazing therapist and a healer. She has helped me a lot with my multiple health issues. I have been through many therapists and doctors in the past, but Nancy's treatments brought something more profound into my healing journey. She is very intuitive and skilled. Through though a few sessions she has helped me to get rid of all body pains and aches, and severe anxiety. Nancy also addressed my chronic headaches and pelvic pain that I have for years due to the surgery in the past. I find Nancy's treatment sessions very soothing, deeply relaxing and gradually healing. Her presence and her hands together with her experience and knowledge brought a lot of health and vitality into my body and beyond it. I truly recommend everyone who is looking for a sincere, skillful and compassionate therapist to have a session with Nancy. I am very grateful for meeting Nancy at the right time in my life. I am also very happy for many other people that she is helping.  Thanks a lot for your help Nancy. The World needs You!"  ~B.V.

"Nancy holds a peaceful space and calm demeanor in attending to others. I have experienced her as deeply empathic and highly intuitive. As a seeker, she is sensitive and attuned to the spiritual paths of others, inviting them to a sacred and trusting space for mutual exploration. Her open heart and non-judgmental demeanor help in forming relationships with those she counsels and treats." S.D.

"Nancy is a gentle, gifted bodyworker with training in a range of modalities. What sets her apart is her quiet, thoughful approach to therapeutic dialogue. She does not set an agenda -- she truly allows each session to unfold as needed. Her ability to humbly facilitate a sacred space is exceptional. she has become a trusted colleague as well as an ally in my own healing process, and I am honored to recommend her." L.B.

"Nancy has a warm, inviting energy about her-which made me feel instantly at ease with experiencing my first hypnotherapy session. Nancy took her time, and navigated me through the 90 minute process with nurturance and grace.
Initially unsure of the process, I am now a believer of how transformative and empowering the hypnotherapy modality is. Truly a mind~body healing, something that is often missing from traditional types of therapy.
Throughout the process, I was able to express myself in a healthy way and face my oldest friend, Anxiety. I was able to change old conclusions and decisions I had made about myself. I was able to create new ones, leaving me feeling so empowered. My body feels different, more relaxed- it is no longer a home for anxiety.
I have a greater awareness of my patterns, and a new found voice! I loved my experience and will definitely be visiting Nancy for another session- self-care at its best ❤"


"Nancy Paul has been my craniosacral therapist for about 18 months. I highly recommend her. In terms of process, each session is an adventure into what my body is saying to me and what various characters in my life, such as my maternal grandmother, who is one of my anchors, would say or do about an issue I am experiencing. We talk to these various characters, who have a lot to teach me. If a hitherto silent part of me speaks up in answer to a question of hers, like what are you feeling right here in this part of the body, we name that part and bring it into dialogue. I rely as much as possible on my intuition in taking part in these conversations. When I wander off into stories or diversions, Nancy is an excellent re-director who brings me back to the issue or to something else she’s heard that she believes needs our attention. Ms. Paul is accepting of my vulgar language, when I use it. She uses it, too, when she needs to make sure that I sense that she’s understood me. I appreciate that. This is one place and space in which her ethical standards, which are ordinarily unobtrusively embedded in her work, come to the surface. Specifically, what I mean is that she does not moralize about my use of “offensive” or “vulgar” language. Instead, her ethical commitment is to accept my language and work with it. This is highly important to me, because I don’t have to shape-shift or censor myself in order to work with her. I can accept this part of myself, toward which I have some judgment, without her piling on. It is also important to me that she trusts her intuition and brings it into our work. In part it's important, because I am learning to trust and work with my own intuition, so it helps to see her use hers. It's more important because she picks up on matters that we might otherwise miss. In terms of results, I have a lot of anger, which was the reason for which a craniosacral therapist was recommended. In my mind—I haven’t checked with Nancy on this—I am less reactive with, less explosive, and more accepting of, my anger than when I started. In addition, I am owning my own authority and perspective more fully and less defensively than when we started. She actively upgrades her knowledge and skills through academic study and professional workshops. As appropriate, she integrates this learning into her treatment. Working with Ms. Paul has been a great gift to me. I am grateful for what she does. I am more grateful for who she is."

"Brilliant Therapist."

J. Russell Burck, Ph.D., healer of healers, Associate Professor Emeritus, Rush U.


Hi Nancy,
I want to let you know how amazing you are:)

Last Friday night, when the realization hit me that I could not address this issue myself and it wasn't getting better, you were the only healer that came to my mind to see. I had the thought "Nancy is exactly who I need to see".

Saturday night, after coming home and resting... I felt much better, and still had a few sore points.  I chalked this up to having bruised connective tissue that had been out of place, stretched/strained in unusual ways, and inflammation from articulating surfaces of bones that had been slightly
wrenched and rubbing together where they were not supposed to.  In other words... just needed some rest and recup time for any left over swelling to abate.

After a night sleeping MUCH better than I had all week.... I woke up Sunday (yesterday) morning able to breathe/ cough/ sneeze/ laugh without pain in my rib/back/shoulder area:).

My whole shoulder girdle feels realigned and everything is articulating effectively (the tender spot at my collarbone/manubrium joint is completely gone) My neck doesn't have that "tweaked" feeling. (not crunching anymore)  My SI is not tender anymore. (yay!)  I was able to use my left arm/shoulder normally last night and this morning.

You are phenomenal. 
Thank you deeply,

With light and love,
Emily Klik


I had a wonderful craniosacral therapy and Akashic record session with Nancy Paul at Lyrical Healing, and it was one of the most relaxing experiences of my life.  Seriously!  Nancy has a calming, grounding and quiet presence, and she is an expert at creating a healing, welcoming atmosphere.  She is flexible with scheduling, and is friendly and unassuming.  She does not pressure you to sign up for additional sessions, and welcomes feedback about your experiences during the session.  

Craniosacral is soothing and restorative--it is not traditional bodywork, so if you're looking for deep tissue massage or chiropractic alignment, look elsewhere.  Expect to have your feet, ankles, knees, hipbones, sacrum, low back, collarbones, neck and head lightly touched and sometimes gently manipulated so that Nancy can feel blockages in your body fluid movement and overall energy.  For the Akashic reading, Nancy provides interesting insight into your past struggles and current situation.  If you're keen on trying a new healing modality, prefer a gentle therapeutic touch, or are simply in need of some super deep relaxation, I'd highly recommend visiting Nancy for craniosacral therapy and an Akashic record reading.

Lauren W.


"Nancy is truly a gifted healer! The breathe of knowledge and training in various healing modalities allows her to target precisely what your body needs or requires to heal itself. As she now incorporates a specialized technique of working within the Ashaskic Records in her practice the results are tenfold. This customized healing session allows Nancy not only to deepen her work in her therapies but to give each client a more profound and lasting experience on many levels! Her sincere and caring nature creates a safe, secure, and loving space that honors and allows each one of you the opportunity to heal yourself. "Highly recommended!"

Theresa L.


"Nancy is an adept bodywork therapist with a sincere interest in her client's well-being and comfort. Unassuming and attentive, she listens carefully to client concerns and offers both an expert and intuitive approach to healing through bodywork. She has a depth of training in various modalities that seamlessly integrate into a highly-customized experience. I feel that Nancy's respect for my individual needs and preferences is paramount in our work together and, in a short time, I have grown to trust her intensely relaxing techniques. Highly recommended!"

Linda S.


"I just discovered a really wonderful body worker.  She does cranial sacral work, as well as regular massage, but also has some Hakomi training, so integrates bodywork with some dialog and exploration of what you are experiencing. She can also do straight bodywork, if you prefer.  She is a single mom, former artist, trying to build her practice.  I experienced her just recently and wish I lived closer to Oak Park as I would see her regularly if I could. 

Jennifer M.


"I've never felt so centered in my life!"

Marti M.


"Well, i've just experienced something called cranial sacral therapy.  my friend nancy paul is amazing. she uses this gentle, hands-on touch to release restrictions in the soft tissues that surround the central nervous system. and boy, i don't even care if i sound a little kooky, but i literally felt things opening and closing internally, air releasing, just all sorts of incredible sensations that i cannot really explain very well because, well, it was truly quite an experience. it left me feeling completely relaxed and worry-free, something i cannot achieve to easily (and i workout regularly) so, because our bodies endure stresses and strains every day, i highly suggest this approach; you will find yourself wanting to schedule your next visit before leaving your first!"


“I have received CST from Nancy on two occasions and found her treatments to be healing on three levels - physically, spiritually, and emotionally. I highly recommend Nancy for CST!”   



I just wanted to say again – thank you for a great session.  I feel so much more grounded and present and rested today.... I am REALLY glad to have "found" you.  You are really talented at what you do, and its an honor to be treated by you.



Just wanted to give you some feedback on yesterday's session.  The work you did on my neck was amazing!  I had virtually no "pins and needles" most of the day - didn't wake up with them the way I normally have done for the past several weeks!  Really an amazing outcome.  



..."slept really well all week, felt more focused and clear with daily activity and was really focused in my work.  All in all, a great treatment."  Thanks!



"Nancy is a caring and skilled massage therapist and Reiki practitioner.  She has helped me tremendously with increasing the
mobility in my shoulders and neck and has helped me to manage stress and anxiety."



" SI joints did not have the stiffness I normally experience when I get up first thing in the morning....."I slept like a baby all night and felt great the next morning.  I was also surprised because my calf felt absolutely fine while I was playing racketball.  I started out slow, but soon went full tilt and had no problems, even though I was expecting them.

Mike Hovi, Program Director, Soma Institute of Clinical Massage Therapy,

President, Illinois Chapter AMTA


"I work out, do yoga, and run. Though sometimes stress gets to me. Nancy's sessions balance me out and relax me."



I've had shoulder pain for over a year.  I've tried chiropractic, an osteopathic physician, massage and physical therapy with no results.  CranioSacral Therapy reduced the pain dramatically in only one session!



Thank you again for the CranioSacral Session this am. It truly was restoring! Many shifts happened within and I am just smiling with contentment. ...I believe you have the gift of being a Divine Healer




I wanted to let you know that I really got a lot of benefit from your treatment.  I was pain-free in my left knee for quite a long time post treatment.  Thank you very much!!!



It's really relaxing and calming!

Nora Paul

"Nancy, the violin felt like a whole new instrument, in the sense that I could approach it comfortably very much faster than before and get to places that normally take an hour or more."